Kathryn's Second Year

PICTURES: One of these days we'll scan our pictures, and Kathryn will have events such as her birthday on line! In the meantime take a look at my present list! I'm really getting into trains and dolls. Also look at my mummy's pictures
18 months old - still to write. Kathryn at 18 mths
12 months old - I can walk just about while holding onto mummy and daddy, but crawling is the way to go. I can say mama dada, yeah, juice, nana, bye. I like hiding behind the curtain, pushing my dolly's stroller, wearing my beads and putting the lids on saucepans. My favourite is chatting on the telephone. I like emptying boxes and going up and down stairs. Kathryn at 12mths
Kathryn's First Page
Kathryn's First Year
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