Kathryn's First Year

The Frequently Asked Questions

Girl. Kathryn Jane Waterman. Born 15-01-01, 05:36am, 3.6kg (7lb 14), 55cm long. Born at home (as planned).
Hard to believe she's over 3 months old now. She's very active, always looking around everywhere, always keen to watch what's going on. Sometimes, she can pick things up and wave them around. She smiles a lot, and has a large catalogue of other facial expressions. She also tries to talk, but hasn't managed a single recognisable word yet, it's all googles and squalks and squeals. If you sit with her, and talk to her, she'll often "talk" back though, and smile a lot. If you're lucky, she'll even GIGGLE at you! :-) Kathryn at 14 weeks
Now she's just a fraction over 6 months. Still no talking, but she likes "singing", and performs some dreadful duets with mummy or daddy! She's not crawling (some people think she might just skip that and start walking), but she's very good at rolling one way or another to reach things - like the cats, for example! She loves grabbing ANYTHNG and of course sticking things straight in her mouth - she's probably teething. Her favourite party trick is grabbing mummy or daddy's drinking glasses and tucking into coke, cider, wine, whatever's available! Why use that 'orrible plastic tippee thing full of water, when there's real crystal tumblers around with much tastier drinks? :-) She's also great at sitting up by herself, without needing hand support. This is apparently very advanced. Kathryn at 6 months
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