Nick and Estelle's Baby

The Frequently Asked Questions
What? Yes, Estelle and Nick Waterman are having a baby!
When? "End of Jan 2001".
Where? Estelle wants a "home birth", so, with any luck, it'll be at our house. If we DO have to go into hospital with any last-minute complications, it'll be St Peter's Hospital Chertsey, which has our nearest labour ward.
Boy or Girl? No idea. IN THEORY they could have told/shown us at any of the later ultrasound scans, but many hospitals, including ours, refuse to tell you these days. Apparently someone has been sued, or they've had parents choosing to abort if they've had too many girls/boys, or something like that. To be honest, we don't care, and would rather find out on "D-Day" anyway.
Names? Ages ago, we decided that if our first child was a girl, Nick would choose the name, and if it's a boy, Estelle will. Nick's provisionally chosen the name "Kathryn". Estelle is still thinking of boy's names, but the best she's thought of so far is "Aidan".
This was on 2000-07-04...
ultrasound 1
And these 2 were on 2000-09-06 - much bigger!...
ultrasound 2
ultrasound 3

Click the images for a more detailed description.
So how are mother and baby? Estelle's fine, though obviously feeling very "big", with only a few weeks to go. Baby is fine, quite active, and "fully engaged", which basically means it's head down, in the ideal position, ready to be born, and it's seriously unlikely to turn back to a breech position or anything. Everything is looking good!
News? If you'd like to be emailed, as soon as the baby is born, please stick your email address in the box below and submit it. Nick will get back to you with all the vital statistics - date, time, gender, weight, etc etc etc, as soon as realistically possible after the birth
... otherwise, check this page regularly for any updates!