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I spend a lot of my time working with 1st Staines and 5th Staines Guides. We are all part of the Girl Guides Association

I live in Middlesex, with my husband Nick and our two cats. Our cats are called Sherry and Messy, short for Sheherazah and Gilgemesh (two ancient Persian rulers). They came to live with us when they were 6 years old, so I didn't name them myself.

I think Dilbert is cool, and typical of so many offices.

We've been to most of the countries in Europe, and are now working our way around the world. First stop was Tunisia (North Africa) to get engaged, then to Jamaica for our honeymoon. Our first anniversary was spent in Egypt, which was most impressive. I'd still like to go to Borneo and see the Orang Utans, and a trip to the world of the Incas in Mexico. Maybe then I can slow down a bit!

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